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BackupAssist restore files on a different installation

BackupAssist restore files on a different installation

We’ve been playing around with BackupAssist v10.3.1 recently. One of our tests that we try is to perform a BackupAssist restore with a backup taken from one machine onto another. We ran into troubles, and couldn’t find the answer in the BackupAssist help documentation – we reached out to support. Anyway; we found a way to restore files on a different BackupAssist installation; so figured we’d write about it for others without the support ticket!


  1. 2 servers, both with BackupAssist v10.3.0 installed. We’re using ‘Server 1’ and ‘Server 2’ in this article.

  2. 1 File Protection backup taken from server 1. Our backup is located on a USB hard drive.

  3. Files or folders to restore.

BackupAssist restore process

Note: You’ll only need to use Server 2 for the rest of the article.

1. Connect your backup device to Server 2. In this case it’s our USB disk under G: drive. 2. Open BackupAssist and select the ‘Restore’ tab down the left hand side. 3. Click on Local and Network Files.

4. You’ll find that since it’s a new installation there aren’t any backups to be found. Click on ‘Discover backups…’ toward the bottom of the interface.

5. On the Discover Backups window; select the plus sign and select the drive letter where your backup is located. G: drive in our example.

A notification window will saying how many backups it discovered.

6. Close all open windows back to the Local and Network Files screen. A link to the backup loaded in by the discover backup process should be available.

All that’s needed to do now is follow the restore process outlined by the BackupAssist documentation to get your file back.

About Test My Backups…

Backup and recovery is important to our team. Having spent years building relationships with vendors such as BackupAssist – we’re well positioned to help with the data protection your company needs. Reach out and see what we’re able to do and reduce the stress of data management today!

Hopefully this prevented you needed to contact BackupAssist support like we did. If you found this useful; feel free to link on social media or comment below!

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