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Backup software – Questions to ponder in your search

Backup software – Questions to ponder in your search

We’ve all had a time at least once in our lives where we’ve had to do some sort of research. Looking for the perfect flat screen TV, or reading countless reviews pitting the latest Samsung Galaxy phone up against the latest and greatest iPhone. We’ll we’re not in that business – we’re all about backup and restore. So with that we’ll focus on backup software instead!

The search for backup software can be made easier by answering some basic questions.

The search for backup software can be made easier by answering some basic questions.

We’re not huge into the whole review system either – it’s mainly opinion (and typically based on how much the publisher is paid). When looking for any type of solution; perform testing and due diligence yourself. Try it out yourself to make sure it meets your needs! Below are a list of questions you can use to weed out the contenders from the pretenders.

What’s the size of the backup data?

To phrase the question another way ‘can the backup solution we use handle that amount of data?’ It’s a fairly simple question; although the answer could change the complete course of your backup software search. If the plan is to backup a few hundred gigabytes (GB), the choice could be greatly different to if you’re backing up 10 terabytes.

Also; is it a full copy each time, or are there options for differential, incremental or continuous replication as well?

The backup set size should be easy to answer if asked about. Also think about future data growth. If the data is going to be 10 times larger in a 12 month period, factor this in. Who wants to run a project to find software only to have to re-do everything so soon afterward?

Protected devices and data types?

The optimal solution for a backup scenario is likely to be completely different backup software – as they’re typically designed for a specific purpose. Altaro deals with backing up virtual machines only; whereas Acronis is great at providing disk clones and image backups.

Another thing; many businesses are mobile these days. It’s not uncommon for business data being stored on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and within third party cloud applications. The business world in 2018 is different to what it was even 10 years ago. Backup software also needs to contain 2018 functionality.

Backup storage

It’s the classic case of the chicken and the egg. Do you choose the software first? Or do you purchase hardware and then find software that will work with it? Either way; your backup software and destination need to be able to work together.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that there are multiple storage options being used as well. Be sure to have an offsite backup at all times; meaning is it going to be shipped offsite physically with a staff member; or is the cloud going to be part of the solution?

Have a plan on backup storage; even if it could be to changed.

What budget is available?

We’ve left the cost variable to last. The reason for this is that while it’s important; cost can be the largest factor to businesses when short listing backup solutions. This can be dangerous and trying to do too much with too little can set up a project for failure. It’s also better to go for a business based solution over a consumer solution as well.

If all the other questions above can’t split the short list of backup software; then you’re in a great position. We only advise to take cost as a major factor when it comes down to making the ultimate decision between two pieces of software. In the end; if the functionality is similar; then they’ll be around the same pricing point.

Not really wanting to search for backup software…

Then you’ve clicked on the right link. As part of Test My Backups managed backup subscription service; we’ll search, implement, manage and test everything to do with your businesses backups.

Reduce stress, focus on your business; data loss will be our problem to solve!

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