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Backup Hyper-V with CloudBerry – Tips & Tricks

Backup Hyper-V with CloudBerry – Tips & Tricks

Looking to backup Hyper-V guest machines? We know it can become overly complicated at the best of times. To make it as simple as possible; there are some guidelines that should be taken into account when configuring the Hyper-V role within Windows.

backup hyper-v easily following these basic configuration steps

Only install the Hyper-V role on the physical host

The whole idea of virtualised environments is to make the overall IT infrastructure more efficient and reliable. This means that only the Hyper-V role should be installed on the physical machine; to ensure that it’s not taking resources unnecessarily.

If there are other applications or roles installed on the Hyper-V host; they have the potential to cause problems with the entire Hyper-V configuration. Even something as simple as rolling back a bad update to a third party application could cause the entire host to be re-booted – meaning downtime for all VM’s that are located on that host.

Enable Hyper-V Integration Services on each virtual machine

Hyper-V Integration Services provides the Hyper-V host and guest machines the ability to communicate in a more streamlined way. One of the ways which integration services helps is through backup. With the integration services installed; the Hyper-V host (and backup process running on it) is able to communicate with guests during backup to ensure that all data is application consistent.

The other added benefit is that the guest machine will encounter little to zero downtime during backup windows.

Keep the Hyper-V host and guest machines on separate domains

This is more of a pre-caution. If a Hyper-V guest (VM) is also a Domain Controller (DC); if it becomes unusable then it’s possible that access to the Hyper-V host is prevented due to being unable to contact the DC to authenticate properly.

Install CloudBerry Online Backup on the Hyper-V Host

The most efficient way to protect any Hyper-V environment is to run the backup from the physical host – rather than on each individual VM. The reason for this is that all related backup information for the guests is located in one area.

By installing and using CloudBerry Online Backup to protect your Hyper-V guest machines; you’ll ensure that if anything happens – from a missing file to a completely un-bootable VM that you can simply recover and be up and running in a short amount of time.

Supported Operating Systems

CloudBerry Online Backup VM supports backing up Hyper-V guests within the following environments:

Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2

Where can I get CloudBerry from?

If you’re an small to medium business looking after their own IT or a Managed Service Provider looking after dozens of clients; the best place to purchase CloudBerry Online Backup from is Test My Backups. As the official distributor in the Australian and New Zealand market; we can provide the best sales and technical support for you.

Test My Backups understands the issues of businesses in ANZ; and know the best ways to get around pain points when it comes to backing up data locally and to the cloud.

Did we help out with simplifying the small things within Hyper-V Backup? Did we miss any that you know of? Let us know in the comments below!

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