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A Managed Backup Service can solve many problems

A Managed Backup Service can solve many problems

There are a lot of things that can cause harm and threaten businesses these days. The challenges of management is to proactively steer the business through these mine fields. A few of the potential pitfalls a Managed Backup Service can help avoid are as follows.

A Managed Backup Service can solve many problems faced by businesses.

Data Loss

When it comes to data loss statistics; there’s different percentages thrown around depending on where you look (for example): http://invenioit.com/continuity/know-statistics-on-data-loss-backup/ https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/04/not-prepared-for-data-loss.html

However they all say a similar thing. A lot of businesses that suffer significant data loss end up closing their doors for good within the 12 months after the data loss incident.

By undertaking a Managed Backup Service; the risks around loss of data are minimized through the implementation of best practice business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Restore and Recovery Failures and Issues

You’d be surprised the number of businesses who take regular backups fail to perform regular recoveries. The number of times we’ve seen and heard of businesses (and IT companies providing backup as a service) run into problems recovering their data during a live disaster scenario.

Unfortunately; this can cause the downtime to increase significantly which costs a lot of money. Consequently; test recoveries can discover and avoid most problems that are likely to occur.

Upkeep overheads and cost

The alternative to a Managed Backup Service is to have staff on payroll which have the responsibility for maintaining and executing the business continuity and disaster recovery plans. This can be very costly and depending on the demand – inefficient to carry someone on payroll for such a specialized task.

By outsourcing; a business can gain the benefits of a professional managing their backups at a fraction of the cost.

Test My Backups Managed Backup Service

While a Managed Backup Service may sound like a large undertaking; it’s not as expensive as it may seem. Test My Backups packages start from as little as $200 per month depending on your requirements.

As a result; TMB is able to customized to particular needs and requirements. Each is based on best practices and comes with a monthly test recovery.

Ask yourself; is your business worth protecting for as little as $200 per month? If so speak with our team to get started!

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