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A fun way to test Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategy

A fun way to test Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategy

We’re all about having fun at TMB. The business of protecting businesses data through viable backup methods however is very stressful. However one way which we have a bit of fun around here is when we test Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategy we’ve put in place for our client’s.

We like to be kept on our toes because even though we think everything is running fine. It doesn’t necessarily mean it is!

A fun way to test Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategy

How do we determine how the scenario to test Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategy?

It may sound a little simple; but we have a list of potential disaster scenarios written out. We throw them all into a hat and our testers pull out a scenario each.

The aim is so that there is no preparation, no prior anticipation. Let’s be honest – when data loss occurs; it’s not in a straight forward, expected way. Testing backups is no different!

What are the test Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategy scenarios are there?

We try and cover as many bases as possible – always going for the worst case scenario each time! A few examples which we routinely check are:

  1. Natural Disasters where the office has been taken out and all stakeholders are most likely in many different places.

  2. Ransomware attacks where data has been encrypted (we also vary the severity as this can change the restore/recovery method used).

  3. Try restoring one single file.

  4. Hardware theft from the server room.

Interested to find out more…

Most noteworthy; Test My Backups has the knowledge, resources and most importantly…time. It seems like it’s becoming accepted that businesses expect data loss. This doesn’t need to be the case.

Finding the time to perform thorough testing is a challenge for any business. Have extra questions? Unsure where to start? All you need to do is contact us. We promise we won’t bite!

How do you decide on disaster recovery scenarios when testing business continuity and backup strategies? Any scenarios we’ve missed? Join the conversation below with your take!

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