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5 Benefits of IT Services for Business

5 Benefits of IT Services for Business

IT is now one of the single most important aspects of business today. Everything requires some form of technology to effectively run; from accessing the Internet, running software packages to make day to day tasks easier and even just making a simple phone call requires technology. This means that having effective IT services for business is important.

IT Services for Business

Below we’re going to go through a few of the benefits that an outsourced IT service provider can do for your business.

1. Increased Output from Employees

This one puts a bit of a positive spin on it from a business owners perspective. The flip side of the coin is that IT outages can cause your employees to become unproductive as they don’t have the required access to tools to perform their roles – meaning your missing out on valuable productivity.

By having an external IT services provider on board; they’ll have the processes and facilities to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure BEFORE an outage occurs. Alternatively; they’ll have the knowledge and expertise that if something does suddenly happen – get everything back online in quick time.

As they say in the medical community; prevention is the best cure. An IT services for business solution gives your business the cure!

2. Regain Focus on what you do best

We’ve said this previously; but the point never changes. You’re professional business has specific expertise in your chosen field. Any time taken away from working towards the main product or service your business provides is a waste.

Unless you are an IT services provider or Managed Service Provider; having staff spend time on figuring out IT based problems means that the focus is taken away from what you’re best at. Even if you have in-house IT; not having to worry about day to day maintenance and putting out fires will free them up to work on those important projects that you desperately need completed.

3. Expand your teams capacity; at a fraction of the cost

One of the things that we’ve learnt over the years working for both in-house IT, and Managed Service Providers is that it’s important to recognise your outsourced labor as part of your workforce.

The main benefit of having an outsourced IT firm working for you is that you gain an entire team for the cost of potentially one internal employee. This means that there is no overhead with additional HR requirements (payroll, etc.), no coverage issues as your one dedicated IT staff member has fallen ill. In fact you gain the benefit of having coverage of 24/7 as most IT service providers offer this as part of their standard packages.

4. Streamline budgets with predictable costs

Let’s face it – IT costs can be some of the most unpredictable a business can face. Systems fail with little to no warning – requiring immediate replacement. Internal staff are hard to hire and train effectively and then once they’re skilled enough at the level you require – they leave for other roles.

The majority of MSP’s work on a monthly fixed cost or subscription based billing system. They already work repairs and regular maintenance into the contract when they provide an initial quote – so this makes the monthly outgoing costs for IT known before you receive the invoice into accounts payable.

No one likes bill shock; which is one of the major factors in favor of using external IT services for business.

No one likes bill shock; which is one of the major factors in favor of using external IT services for business.

5. Meet compliance requirements with little overhead

When it comes to businesses that fall under the professional services sector; there is a lot of compliance that needs to be met on a daily basis. Data regulations around privacy laws, HIPPA (in the US) and GDPR in the European Union are always changing. This makes it hard to stay up to date.

Many other industries are held accountable to differing rules and regulations as well when it comes to IT systems and storing data. This is where the value of an IT service provider who is an expert in your particular industries data compliance requirements is a great asset.

What can Test My Backups do for my business?

Within the list of benefits we’ve spoken about above; Test My Backups is able to provide a reliable subscription based Managed Backup Service which meets compliance for your particular industry. With clients that cover a wide range of professional service based industries; we have the knowledge and expertise to help protect your data through the latest, best practices in backup and recovery.

Industries which we currently service clients in include:

  1. Law firms and Solicitors

  2. Accountants

  3. Financial Planning

  4. Architects

  5. Medical practices

Interested in what Test My Backups can do for your professional firm? Request your free consultation today and find out the benefits we can provide.

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