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3 reasons consumer backup solutions don’t work for business

3 reasons consumer backup solutions don’t work for business

Data protection is becoming a bit of a buzz word. From Facebook to GDPR and everything in between. However; the in-between is that our data does need to be backed up effectively to protect against any unexpected data loss. Unfortunately; there are business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) solutions available on the market. Therefore; it’s not uncommon for business owners to choose consumer backup solutions to protect their business data.

We’ve written about free or cheap solutions previously. However; using consumer backup solutions isn’t a very good business decision in a lot of cases also.

consumer backup solutions are not designed for business data

1.      Personal data is different to business data

Think about what you have on your personal laptop at home; then compare it against the data you have on your business desktop or laptop. In many cases it’ll be comparing family photos, a few personal document (Microsoft word) files or your personal collection of memes or music.

Business data usually includes intellectual property, client databases and more than likely those all-important e-mails.

Data such as Exchange (e-mails) or SQL (client databases) require advanced methods to be backed up. Something that consumer backup solutions typically aren’t focused on – or capable of.

2.      Data size restrictions with consumer backup solutions

While the likes of DropBox, iCloud and OneDrive are all well-known and simple to use. They also provide limited amounts of space. My personal favorite is DropBox, and I get 5GB of free space to store my data. That’s perfect for the amount of data I have personally.

However; their plans only go up to offering 1TB of cloud space for around $25 a month. This is a fairly small data limit and not suited to a lot of businesses (regardless of size).

Also if you’re storing particularly large files on their storage, it’s not uncommon for connection shaping or throttling (deliberate slowdown of transfer) when trying to get the data back when needed.

3.      Data security implications

As mentioned earlier, your personal photos or music collection isn’t necessarily highly confidential. System images which contain intellectual property or client information would definitely require some sort of security placed on them.

Data encryption may not be an option in consumer backup solutions. If someone finds out that I have the entire Air Supply back catalogue in my personal files; I may not be as concerned as client databases being accessed.

Business backup solutions specifically cater to protect business data. Consequently; consumer solutions don’t always contain the functionality to protect your data properly.

They also don’t meet the legal requirements of data storage to meet compliance with laws like HIPPA or GDPR.

There you have it – three reasons why consumer based backup solutions aren’t right for your business!

Are you using a consumer backup solution for your business backups?

It’s just that their core customer is consumers personal devices and not business. Don’t mold your backup strategy around the offerings made. Select a backup solution that fits with your backup and recovery goals!

Let Test My Backups help. We’ve got a number of years of experience; working with a variety of different businesses in many different industries. We’ll be able to implement a sufficient backup strategy with the perfect backup solution for the requirements.

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