CloudBerry Ransomware Protection

CloudBerry Ransomware Protection If you’re in IT then chances are you’ve read and seen a lot about Ransomware – in fact it’s one of our favorite topics on this blog. The reason for us writing yet another blog about ransomware is to outline the best way to achieve CloudBerry ransomware protection. Firstly; let’s go through some things about ransomware. What is ransomware and why is protection required? Ransomware is a form of malware (malicious software) that hackers use to pr

Backing up Web Based E-mails

Backing up Web Based E-mails One of the more important parts of IT that has changed due to cloud computing is e-mail hosting. No longer are companies hosting their own e-mail; but opting for one of the common e-mail hosting solutions on the market (be it G-suite, Office365 or even GoDaddy). Even though it’s in the cloud; it’s still wise backing up web based e-mails. There are many ways which backing up web based e-mails can be done – that’s why we are going to go through a fe

Small Business Cyber Attack

Small Business Cyber Attack In recent days some fairly prominent brands in their industry have been forced to publicly announce that they’ve been targeted by cyber attack. While it always seems larger businesses are always in the news; the fact mustn’t be lost that small business cyber attack is just as common with it being reported in some places that 43% of small businesses having been subject to an attempted cyber attack in  2018. With the recent changes in data breach not

Ransomware Recovery Service

Ransomware Recovery Service As they say in the medical profession – prevention is the best cure. This is the same about computer viruses and malware (let’s face it; malware and viruses are diseases for computers and mobile devices). One particular type of malware – ransomware; encrypts your data and then requests payment to decrypt the files. Now the best way to avoid placing your business in a situation where payment’s required to gain access back to your data is by taking o

Is your business ready for a Ransomware Recovery?

Is your business ready for a Ransomware Recovery? You may be asking ‘is ransomware still a thing?’ While it’s been a while since a major outbreak has hit mainstream media – we can assure you it’s still a thing. Now the question to ask is; ‘Are we prepared for a ransomware recovery?’ Every device needs a plan to counter ransomware Ransomware has the potential to impact every piece of technology that has data that your business relies upon. This includes: Endpoints: An endpoint

The best ways for ransomware protection

The best ways for ransomware protection In light of some fairly public instances of ransomware being experienced across the globe in 2018; we thought we’d put our two cents for methods for ransomware protection of your IT infrastructure. Well documented ransomware attacks in 2018 Before we get into it, a good starting point is to outline a couple of these highly publicised cases of ransomware running rampant. The City of Atlanta encountered mass file encryption in late March

Ransomware Infection: What to do if you get one

Ransomware Infection: What to do if you get one By this point in time, it’s likely you have or know someone that’s had to deal with a ransomware infection of some kind. We also know; ransomware isn’t about to go anywhere. But do you know what to do to limit the damage? Most people assume ransomware only infects computers and laptops. However it is actually more inclusive as tablets, mobile phones, TV’s and fridges can all theoretically be infected. Simple rule. If it’s possib

Why Ransomware is still a threat!

Why Ransomware is still a threat! It’s a regular occurrence; a business has been hit with ransomware and their data has been fully encrypted! How does this still happen in 2018? Below are possible reasons why ransomware is still a threat to businesses. Over the last two years, the ransomware business has grown from a billion dollar industry into a multi-billion industry – it’s profitable enough to encourage anyone to try grab their piece of the pie. The reasons why ransomware

Encrypted Backup – Is it worth the effort?

Encrypted Backup – Is it worth the effort? Focus on data security and data breach is becoming important. As a consequence; encrypted backup is becoming more popular. However; is it worth the effort? Listed below are some pros and cons of encrypting backups. Consequently; these should help make a decision on if it’s worth running encrypted backups or not Encrypted Backup Pro – Data isn’t easily accessible to unauthorized parties. Encrypted data can’t be accessed by anyone that

Ransomware Insurance – Are you covered?

Ransomware Insurance – Are you covered? With 2017 coming to a close, we thought we’d take note of one of the larger implications that businesses of all sizes, located around the globe express concern over– ransomware. Recently we wrote an article on how to reduce the cost of cyber insurance; which sparked some questions around ransomware insurance coverage. These questions were specifically around ransomware impact on insurance premiums. Firstly, we’ll go into the effects of

Cyber Extortion Coverage – How to reduce the overall cost of Cyber Insurance.

Cyber Extortion Coverage – How to reduce the overall cost of Cyber Insurance. In a world that everything is becoming digitized and available online – the increase of cyber extortion is on the rise as well. Ransomware being the largest growing threat. It’s important for businesses of all sizes to protect themselves from extortion with cyber insurance. However; insurance companies have woken up to this to the point where cyber extortion coverage is now a multi-billion dollar in

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Attack

On October 24th, 2017; reports from a number of well-known anti-virus vendors state that a new family called Bad Rabbit Ransomware has hit businesses and home users through Europe at this stage. It’s the third major ransomware outbreak in 2017 joining NotPetya ( and WannaCry ( Where (geographically) is Bad Rabbit impacting? Currently, reports have come from Russia, Ukraine,

Ransomware – Why Backups are your last line of defense!

Ransomware – Why Backups are your last line of defense! Ransomware is typically a malicious program designed prevent access to data by encrypting it. The only way to get the data back is to pay a fee for the decryption key. Since it’s first release in September 2013, businesses have seen it evolve into a major issue. As with most computer viruses, ransomware gets in by: attachments or links in e-mails from unknown senders social media sites Online ads Downloading suspicious s