Azure Storage and CloudBerry Online Backup

Azure Storage and CloudBerry In this article; we outline the steps to take to connect an Azure container with CloudBerry Online Backup so that data can be backed up directly into the Azure data centers. For an all included guide to Azure Storage and CloudBerry, refer to our Azure Blob Storage guide. Once the Azure Storage Account has been created; it needs to be configured and connected into your MBS console. The steps to do this are as follows: 1. Login to your MBS Console.

Configuring Azure Blob Storage

Configuring Azure Blob Storage This walk-through demonstrates the steps for configuring Azure Blob Storage within the Azure portal. If proceeding through this document; it’s assumed you have an Azure account already. If not you can sign up for free. Microsoft also provide an Azure price calculator to give a guide on how much it’ll cost to store your data. To go through the entire process of configuring the Azure storage, then using it within CloudBerry Online Backup then thi

Seeding data to Azure for Australia & New Zealand

Seeding data to Azure for Australia & New Zealand Following on from our recent article on seeding data to the cloud; we thought we’d go into more specific details around the Australian and New Zealand region for the major cloud providers who offer cloud seeding services. In this article we’re covering seeding data to Azure. Azure Import\Export Service Region Availability While the Azure Import\Export service is a great feature; it’s not available in all their data centre loca

Seeding Data to the Cloud

Seeding Data to the Cloud Seeding data to the cloud is the process of physically shipping a copy of your data to the data centre so it can be uploaded manually. This counters one of the biggest hurdles of backing up to cloud storage; the initial full backup. For a lot of businesses located in Australia and New Zealand; there are some hurdles to overcome: Internet connection speeds Size of the data set Impact of office network speeds Potential of additional costs incurred from

This operation is not permitted on an archived blob

This operation is not permitted on an archived blob Recently we’ve been starting to use the Archive storage which Microsoft Azure offers. One of the reasons we’ve done this is because Cloudberry makes it easy to configure right there within the backup plan itself. However; recently we come across an error when using Archive blob storage that we didn’t find a lot of information about online – that error is ‘This operation is not permitted on an archived blob.’ Basics about Azu

Demystifying Cloud Storage Costs

Demystifying Cloud Storage Costs One of the biggest things we come across is figuring out cloud storage costs when dealing with backing up clients data to the cloud. Regardless of it being Azure, Amazon Web Services or even BackBlaze; Cloud Storage Providers are commercial businesses. This means they’re trying to maximize their profits as much as possible. In saying this; there are three main factors that can go into pricing: Storage Amount – Physical cloud storage required.