Amazon Glacier Backup Storage – Is it really worth it?

Amazon Glacier Backup Storage – Is it really worth it? The one thing that everyone can agree on – keeping costs down is always a good thing. A quote resonates with me is ‘you make your money when you buy, not sell’.  When it comes to MSP’s – the margin is made when buying IaaS and SaaS solutions; bundling them up and on-selling at a fixed cost to the client. One that we hear a lot about is using Amazon Glacier as backup storage. What’s the appeal of Amazon Glacier? Amazon Gla

Configuring AWS Cloud Storage

Configuring AWS Cloud Storage The following guide walks you through configuring AWS Cloud Storage so that it can be used with CloudBerry Online Backup. Some of what’s outlined may also be in the AWS Management Console documentation. If you’re looking for our full guide that provides end to end configuration steps; it can be downloaded from here. Before we start… This guide assumes you’ve already signed up for an AWS account. If not; sign up now. Amazon also provide a price c

Using AWS Storage with CloudBerry

Using AWS Storage with CloudBerry The following guide is to show how to connect an AWS S3 bucket to the Managed Backup Console (MBS); which will then filter down into CloudBerry Online Backup and allow the AWS storage to be used as a valid backup destination. Make sure you’ve already created your AWS S3 bucket before beginning on this walk-through. Once the AWS S3 bucket has been created; it needs to be configured and connected into your MBS console. The steps to do this are

Seeding Data to the Cloud

Seeding Data to the Cloud Seeding data to the cloud is the process of physically shipping a copy of your data to the data centre so it can be uploaded manually. This counters one of the biggest hurdles of backing up to cloud storage; the initial full backup. For a lot of businesses located in Australia and New Zealand; there are some hurdles to overcome: Internet connection speeds Size of the data set Impact of office network speeds Potential of additional costs incurred from

Demystifying Cloud Storage Costs

Demystifying Cloud Storage Costs One of the biggest things we come across is figuring out cloud storage costs when dealing with backing up clients data to the cloud. Regardless of it being Azure, Amazon Web Services or even BackBlaze; Cloud Storage Providers are commercial businesses. This means they’re trying to maximize their profits as much as possible. In saying this; there are three main factors that can go into pricing: Storage Amount – Physical cloud storage required.