Wild Path


Our journey has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns...



Having worked in the data protection, backup and recovery space for over a decade; our founders realised that a number of businesses and IT providers didn't give enough respect to data backup and the attitude that it'll work when it's needed.

One day after having to tell yet another business owner that their business may be lost due to a ransomware attack and misconfigured backups - they decided that businesses needed help and the time to do it was now.

Armed with an idea and a goal to help as many businesses as possible combat data loss and down time - Test My Backups became a reality!

Fast forward from that day in 2017; the TMB team are now providing full data protection and business continuity services either as an outsourced solution for many IT service providers or directly to a number of businesses of all sizes, in a variety of industries across the globe.

Our team are looking forward to helping protect your business and clients from data chaos as well!